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Everyone. Triclawps is useful for any shooter that wants a little extra stability and confidence when executing a shot.

In real world shooting situations -  whether hunting, shooting competitively, law enforcement or military - getting prone is not always an option. Being able to set up on a stable tripod in any given situation, terrain, or position is a vital advantage only shooting off a tripod can provide.

Triclawps was the first clamping or attaching saddle invented, awarded a utility patent (others simply have design patents), and sold on the market. The phenomenon of shooting with your firearm affixed to the tripod was our brainchild. Our first version was a machined aluminum saddle we called "The Claw". Soon we discovered the benefit of making the saddles with a high density, glass filled resin, which is just as strong, half the weight, and only half the cost. Simply put, it's the best of all worlds!

Lifetime Warranty - No Questions Asked. But you should know, we've never had one returned for breakage or dissatisfaction. 

Triclawps saddles are made in the U.S.A.

Triclawps Double Cam saddle is threaded for 1/4-20 on the bottom. Triclawps Solo is threaded for both 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 on the bottom. Almost all tripod heads and/or quick release plates use one or both of those thread patterns to universally screw into objects, including the Triclawps.

The original Triclawps Double Cam saddle is ideal for a hunter or shooter who would like to clamp the saddle to the firearm and leave in place to quickly place the firearm/Triclawps combo onto the tripod. 

The Triclawps Solo is ideal for a hunter or shooter who would prefer not to leave the saddle on the firearm, and would prefer to place the saddle on the tripod first, followed by the firearm and then tightening. The may be for the hunter who is ok getting Triclawps out of a pack to use when tripod shooting is needed or the competitive shooter, low enforcement, or military who primarily uses the tripod for shooting.

Another benefit to Triclawps shooting is the vast options of tripods on the market. The beauty is that a hunter or shooter can tailor their tripod and shooting support to their needs. There are aluminum legs which are lower cost, but heavier, or lighter carbon legs that are more costly. There are short legs or long legs - hydraulic panning heads or ball heads. So mixing and matching a head to a leg set has many options to cater to your needs and budget. 

We are happy to help match a tripod combo to your needs, but we also offer tripod combinations that we feel cover a range of hunters' or shooters' needs and budgets.