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Triclawps Double Cam (MOD 1)


The original Triclawps Double Cam that started the revolution of Tripod Shooting around the world.  The double cam levers are best utilized to clamp the saddle on to the stock and to be left on the firearm in the field, ready to attach to the tripod on a moments notice. Utilized in this way, it is a very fast system to attach to the tripod for shooting.  If shooter does not intend to keep on firearm in the field then shooter will have to turn both handles to open and close the saddle for use. This can take a little more time in a shooting situation.

The Double Cam Saddle is particularly suited for shooters who will leave the saddle fixed to their weapon. Once the cam levers flip, they are solid. By leaving it attached to your rifle, you're able to quickly get into and out of the tripod to make a shot when time is running out.

If you plan on taking the rifle in and out of the saddle and not leaving on the rifle then shooter may want to consider the new Double Cam MOD 2 or Solo models.  Both of these models are faster for taking the rifle in and out of the saddle when setting up for a shooting situation.  Double Cam MOD 1 saddles can be converted to a Double Cam MOD 2 saddle by purchasing the new MOD 2 Cam Levers which will screw in to the jaws of the saddle the same."

The standard 1/4" 20 threading ensures your system will work on just about any camera tripod.

Triclawps comes with a lifetime, no fault, no questions asked warranty.

  • Weight: 10.8 oz
  • Material: Glass Reinforced Resin
  • Maximum Open: 83mm
  • Minimum Open: 35mm
  • Made In The U.S.A.

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