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We were the first company to put a tripod shooting rest on the market, all the way back in 2008. We called it the C.L.A.W., an acronym for Clamp, Lock, Aim, and Whack. The roots of the product came from one too many lost opportunities at good Coues bucks because we weren't able to find a decent way to get prone on the steep hillsides we'd find ourselves glassing on. We were tired of watching them white flag over the opposite ridge. And then one day, while sitting on such a hillside, we realized the solution to the problem was right in front of us.

For years western hunters had been carrying tripods into the woods to glass game, especially Coues deer hunters. The tiny deer require high powered optics to find them. High powered optics require sturdy tripods. 

We quickly went to work designing the saddle, and the first C.L.A.W. models were made from machined aluminum, much like some of the competitive models on the market today. But machining is expensive, and the saddles were heavy. So we started experimenting with molded resins, and settled on an extremely tough, extremely light glass reinforced resin that reduced both manufacturing costs and the weight you're carrying in the field.

After that, upon listening to feedback from customers in both the hunting and Precision and Tactical shooters, we developed a single knob model made for shooters who didn't want to leave the saddle attached to their weapons. Again, using glass reinforced resins and high-pitch threads that made securing the saddle fast, and carrying the saddle easy.